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Class of 2021 Senior Profiles: Malik Mansour Saafir

Snellville, Georgia’s Malik Mansour Saafir graduates as the top scholar in computer science with the fourth-highest GPA in his class overall. While at Morehouse, he was a member of the Howard Thurman Honors Program, the Morehouse Rugby team, the Muslim Student Association (MSA), Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, and new technology start-up CodeHouse alongside other Morehouse students and alumni. After graduation, Malik will continue his work as a computer science researcher at Georgia Tech Research Institute and, in September, begin his full-time role as a software engineer at Lyft. Malik intends to pursue a career and post-graduate education in one of the fastest-growing, most powerful areas of technology–machine learning.

“There is a lot of good that can be done using the new tools that people are developing and I hope to be one of the people who bring that good into existence,” Malik said.

From Malik’s perspective, a “Morehouse Man” is dedicated to the advancement of oppressed people around the world, especially that of Black Americans.

“To be a Morehouse man is to understand that you have received attention and encouragement that too few Black people receive in this country,” he said. “You now have the responsibility to use what you have received in the service of making the world more just and more equal for all people, using your talents and skills to improve humanity.”

Malik wants prospective men of Morehouse to know that when you enter Morehouse, “you enter an environment where everyone present is actively invested in your success, where young Black students are constantly reminded that they have the potential to do great things and make the world a better place. However, no matter where you choose to go, keep a spirit of giving back to their communities at the forefront in their journeys.”