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MVPS: Kyle Gaines ’25, Soccer Player with High-Fashion Dreams

Welcome to our 2025 Spotlights! We have REUNITED and welcome the classes of 2024 and 2025 to our hallowed grounds in person for the first time. The men of Morehouse showcased in this series are a selection [from the many] students who exemplify the quintessential Morehouse student: enterprising, audacious, inquisitive, tenacious, creative, and unapologetic. The College is shining a light from its hilltop on the scholars who will soon be carrying the torch themselves.

Houston, Texas native Kyle Mason Gaines had heard of Morehouse for years from his parents and loved ones, but a campus tour solidified his decision to attend.

“During my visit, COVID was happening, so while I didn’t meet a lot of people, there was a recent Morehouse graduate that was so knowledgeable about the school and seemed very passionate. I could hear from him, and everyone who goes there, how much they love the school. The way they talked about Morehouse was so intense, I knew there had to be something great going on here.”

Gaines says sports and extracurriculars have helped mold him into a leader. From playing soccer for 10 years and being a part of a district champion team for the past three years to being an Eagle Scout and planning classical piano, he plans to bring these experiences to continue to grow as a leader at Morehouse.

“My time in the Boy Scouts and on different soccer teams has taught me how to work with others while leading, how to be a good person, and most importantly dedication,” Gaines says. “I have grit and I have always had to work extremely hard for everything that I have earned.”

At 17, Gaines has already set his sights on entrepreneurship. He plans to major in business management and concentrate in entrepreneurship in hopes of making a name for himself in the fashion industry.

“For years, I’ve imagined myself owning a thriving shoe and apparel resale shop. Fashion is a billion-dollar industry and I’ve studied how others enter the market and find their niche,” he says. “I envision a clothing line, franchise ownership, and a close staff of people that work with me to grow the business.” 

Besides earning the grades to have success in the classroom, Gaines says he wants to build relationships with his peers who will support his career endeavors.

“Being an entrepreneur means I’ll need trusting, hardworking, loyal people around me to make things happen and I hope to find that at Morehouse,” Gaines says. “A community and a family of smart people that makes things happen.” 

Welcome to The House, Kyle!