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Step-by-step Admissions Guide

Step 1

Review financial aid by March 31

  • Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Aid) by May 1st.
  • Complete your application for UNCF Scholarships.
  • Complete any verification requirements to be eligible for financial aid. If selected, you will receive communication from the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). Follow the prompts and submit the required documents.

Step 2

Pay acceptance fee by May 1

  • You can make your acceptance deposit payment online through your Application Status Portal.
  • The request for the $588 acceptance fee is located under the Status Updates section.
  • Students are advised to pay the deposit online for faster processing.

Step 3

Placement exam/advising and registration by Aug. 2021

  • Placement testing and transfer credit evaluation need a step to support adequate advising.
  • Academic advisement will commence only after the student pays the $588 acceptance fee to enroll at Morehouse.
  • Your assigned academic advisor will communicate requests for the placement exams via email. Please check your email.

Step 4

Complete and submit health forms by May 1

  • You must submit a Pre-Entrance Medical and Immunization Record using the medical portal—Medicat. You must complete these documents in their entirety before arrival on campus. You may find the forms here.
  • Instructions for loading documents are here.

Join in a college athletic program and/or intramural program (basketball, football, tennis, track, etc.)

  • You must also submit the Pre-Participation Athletic Physical Form before engaging in any formal athletic activity, sanctioned training, or practice. Please upload all healthcare documents to the secure Medicat portal.

Step 5

Apply for housing starting in May

  • The housing application will be made available in May.
  • For more information on the Morehouse Department of Housing and Residence Education, please click here.

Step 6

Submit transcripts by July

  • High school students must submit official transcripts (final HS and other college if dual-enrolled) that include the graduation date. Some students may need until Aug. 1. This is required for financial aid disbursement.
  • Transfer students should submit all their final college transcripts to Morehouse to ensure proper credit evaluation.

Some transfer students may need until Aug. 1 to submit their latest transcripts, depending on their previous university. 

If applicable, please update your school email address to a personal email.

Step 7

Review financial aid

  • Access the portal through myportal.morehouse.edu
  • Login with the credentials provided to you in your credentials email.
  • Username: firstname.lastname
  • Password: #Morehouse ID number (e.g., #M00000000).
  • Select Next
  • The Morehouse Portal Dashboard will open
  • Select Banner Web icon
  • Connect to Banner Web
  • Click on the Student Services and Financial Aid link
  • Review your financial aid award and student account e-bill and make payments for Fall classes online via TigerPay.

If you have trouble logging in, email servicedesk@morehouse.edu. Please include your name, Morehouse College ID number, and a contact phone number. Contact the service desk only for login issues.

Step 8

Complete medical insurance waiver by August 1

  • Complete medical insurance waiver, if applicable
  • Students must be enrolled to receive a medical insurance waiver
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