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What’s Wrong with Saying 'All Lives Matter?'

Chris Thomas '07 is evening anchor at ABC10 in Sacramento. Chris majored in English and graduated with departmental honors from Morehouse College. He recently made a heartfelt statement about saying Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter. A viewer sent an email asking, "Can anyone please tell me what this trend of thinking is all about? When a person can't say All Lives Matter. All lives do matter, don't they?" Connect with Chris or comment on his segment on his Facebook page.

The question came after Grant Napear, longtime voice of the Sacramento Kings, resigned after tweeting "All LIVES MATTER" in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Chris used his own personal experiences to explain why saying All Lives Matter to the people across the world proclaiming Black Lives Matter simply doesn't comport with reality.

This segment originally aired on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 on Late News Tonight at 11.